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Yes, we time block our days making sure we check in on all projects and emails daily. We also schedule a weekly call so we know how to plan out our days and what needs our attention most.

Do you review our projects daily?


We don’t, we can provide direction if you are looking to meet a budget, or if something is out of stock we can certainly help with a re-select. The clients hired you for your style; not ours.

Do you handle furniture selections?


We take on no more than 5 designers per project manager.

How many designers do you work with?


We work in Clickup for project management. You can see updates, changes, tasks, delays, and accomplishments anytime you log in. You can also get email notifications but we are efficient and that is a lot of emails ; )

How often do you provide updates?


Our process for working together is fairly simple! We talk via a Discovery Call, determine what you are needing help with most and what service fits those needs best. From there we will send you a proposal and contract, determine your start date and once the contract is signed you will receive an invoice for the first month well as an onboarding questionnaire. We will get you all set up on our side and schedule an onboarding or consulting call or get our strategic project planning days set.

How do I learn more and get started?


No, we certainly have our favorites and can guide you in that regard but we will work with most any software.

Do you have to have a specific ordering software?


want to know which ordering platforms we use and love?

 grab our favorite tools guide here!

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