Growth can mean many different things; more time for family dinners, more time traveling, more time to get that overdue pedicure.

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We serve hard-working designers that work too hard trying to manage everything solely or with a small team. We provide guidance with systems, and best practices in the industry, and help with the essential but non-creative side of interior design projects. We come with processes and methods in place and fill the role of a full-time employee without the headache of hiring and training.

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There were a lot of small or solo designers who had the creativity and skill to take on great projects. Getting into the actuals and seeing the project through to installation was the tough part. As a vendor rep assisting the designer and coming to a meeting prepared with good fabrics, product knowledge, and the willingness to be of service; that went a long way for both the designer and for Annie's success. It also lit Annie up! So in 2020, Annie started TDC which allowed her to work for herself (she is also very strong-willed), work remotely, and remain an integral part of the industry she loved. While providing meaningful work to others with the same designer to be of service.

When not building and growing TDC you will find Annie outside. “It always made me laugh; working in an industry focused on interiors and home but simultaneously finding so much joy and inspiration in the outdoors. Maybe it’s the Gemini in me?” She loves to camp, explore, travel, mountain bike, and kayak and enjoys those activities most in the company of her husband Josh. Annie has also been known to be quite the “wintrovert” enjoying a good book or knitting on the sofa with her favorite cozy blanket makes for a good day too.

Annie started TDC after seeing a need in the industry while servicing her design clients in her high-end furniture sales rep role.

With 20+ years in the many aspects of the interior design industry Annie and her team at TDC are competent and ready to be of service. Annie believes in fostering a culture of collaboration, communication, and trust, in order to create an environment where everyone has the freedom to create and grow. We strive to be your Design Companion.

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